The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

It is common knowledge that the main Vegas strip ends at the Mandalay Bay. So, why does there seem to be a constant flow of people walking passed this resort? Well, for most tourists, a peak at the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ sign is a must on their bucket lists.

Sign History

The famous Hollywood sign was erected in 1923 and became the top landmark that the city of Los Angeles has to offer. So, it was natural for Las Vegas (America’s playground) to have a unique sign of its own. That welcome sign did not come until 1959 though. Ted Rogich, a local sign company owner, financed the work of Betty Willis, who designed the sign. Once finalized and cemented, the sign stood 25-feet-tall with two poles supporting it from the ground level. The neon lights help the sign stand out at the night time – visible from many parts of the world-famous strip. The final resting place for the sign was located nearly 4 miles outside of the city limits.

Tourist Experience

When the sign began being recognized as an attraction, people were weaving in and out of a traffic to snap a picture of themselves with the sign. Today, there is a long strip of grass surrounding the sign that ensures tourists will be safe when essentially standing in the middle of the street. The median is definitely a necessity as this sign attracts visitors all throughout the day.

Most locals consider the sign to mark the official southern end of the Las Vegas strip. From personal experience, photo opportunities at the sign are simple and quick. There are many people waiting to get a good glimpse of the sign. While a line forms at the center of the sign, some tourists veered off to the side to take a picture at that angle. The crowds surrounding the sign are generally very generous and cordial – a nice change of pace for the up-tempo city of Las Vegas.

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