The 5 Best Sportsbooks In Las Vegas

Las Vegas resorts have more to offer than just suites, villas, and casinos. Many visitors frequent sportsbooks that are found all over the strip. Sportsbooks are great spots for exciting nights, gambling, and moments of relaxation. Here’s a look at the 5 best sportsbooks in Las Vegas.


When your sportsbook is officially titled Superbook, guests will expect big things from Westgate Las Vegas. And throughout its history, Superbook has provided a top-notch venue for fans and gamblers. The sportsbook’s massive football SuperContest is one of the most talked about events on the strip.

Lagasse’s Stadium

Lagasse’s Stadium is located inside The Palazzo. Lagasse’s is more than just a sportsbook – it is a new wave sportsbook, complete with a restaurant and club. More than 100 big screens will reel in sports fans from all over Vegas. While Lagasse’s is highly sought-after, it is not the most affordable option for everyone.

MGM Grand

The best part of the MGM is its central location on the Las Vegas strip. But the inside of MGM is where the true magic is – both at the casino and sportsbook. TVs are everywhere on the walls, plus there are bars around every corner. The MGM is truly the perfect spot to spend the day watching sports.

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas is a beautiful building, inside and out. The Sportsbook was certainly not left behind when architects designed this complex. It looks glorious, yet comfortable; a rare combination that will satisfy sports fans of all kinds.

The Mirage

Many locals used to regard The Mirage as the top sportsbook in Vegas. As the book aged and lost popularity, ownership decided to invest in major renovations that resulted in putting the book back on the map. Today The Mirage boasts one of the biggest (and classiest) sportsbook options on the entire strip.

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  • The Westgate Las Vegas Is Home To Superbook, Which Is One Of The Best Sportsbooks In Downtown Vegas
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