Review Of Bally’s Hotel And Casino

Bally’s Hotel and Casino is one of the most underappreciated entertainment venues on the Las Vegas strip. Originally opened as the Three Coins Motel, this site later became the Bonanza Hotel and Casino before a sale to Bally Manufacturing was finalized in 1986. And today, Bally’s remains one of the top resorts in downtown Vegas.

Hotel And Casino

Bally’s is home to one of the largest casino/hotel combinations on the strip. The casino features more than 66,000 square feet of games patrons of all ages can enjoy. The first-floor level of Bally’s offers everything, including a sportsbook, slots, table games, and daily tournaments. Bally’s poker room, located next to the Jubilee Theater, is at the center of the action in the casino. The 24-hour room hosts daily poker and hold ‘em tournaments.

The hotel side continues to match the casino’s charm and class, especially after major renovations were completed recently. The rooms are split up between towers – the Indigo and Jubilee, which contains the majority of the rooms. Comfort is the key word that is constantly tossed around by Bally’s management. The hotel rooms may be small, but they are comfortable and affordable. A good night’s rest is always needed after hours of gambling at Bally’s casino.

Bally’s In Pop Culture

Like many Las Vegas casinos, Bally’s has been featured throughout the entertainment industry. The first big annual event at the casino was the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. That comedy show was hosted by Bally’s for a decade until 1984. A year later, the crew of Rocky IV picked Bally’s to be the setting for a crucial scene of the movie. Apollo Creed’s boxing match against Ivan Drago takes place inside the theater. Several Las Vegas-themed films, including Honeymoon In Vegas and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone have featured shots of Bally’s. Today, patrons can find the studio for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at this hotel and casino.

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  • Bally's Hotel And Casino Has Recently Made Renovations To Its Guest Rooms In An Effort To Keep Up With The Newer Resorts On The Vegas Strip
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