Rating The Casino Royale Hotel And Casino

Before a gambler becomes a high roller, they start as a “low roller.” The Las Vegas strips offers many lower risk casinos for players looking to improve their gambling knowledge. The Casino Royale Hotel and Casino is one of these places. But don’t let the term low roller discourage you from visiting; this is still one of the best stops a tourist can make on the strip.

History Of Casino Royale

The hotel and casino originally opened under the title of Nob Hill Casino but re-branded to Casino Royale in 1992. While the original version of the venue contained many guest rooms, there is much less hotel space found within the building today. Although the property merged with the Best Western hotel chain in 2013, Casino management chose to place an emphasis on gaming rather than shelter. Denny’s sits right next to Royale; perfect for those late-night cravings.

Hotel And Casino Offerings

The Casino Royale Hotel and Casino has gained sort of a cult following since its inception. As mentioned above, low rollers can be found everywhere on the gaming floor. Players use this casino as a tune up before hitting tougher casinos found at Binion’s and the MGM Grand. But Royale really does embrace its role as a low baller venue. $3 and $5 minimums are offered throughout the week – some of the lowest rates on the strip. Until recently the casino offered 100 times the odds on craps.

In addition to Denny’s, the casino offers a variety of affordable dining options. White Castle is open 24/7, while Outback Steakhouse and Ben and Jerry’s reside at Royale as well. This casino is home to one of the the largest food courts in Las Vegas. Patrons are more than welcome to fuel up before a long night of cheap (but fun) slots, table games, and blackjack at the Casino Royale.

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  • The Casino Royale Hotel And Casino Has Earned A Reputation As A Place Where Gambling Meets Bargains. Get Ready To Ball On A Budget At Casino Royale!
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    3411 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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    $3 - $5 Minimums

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