10 Tips To Be The Best Player

Whether it’s before a match, in-game, or after, every good poker player needs to have a plan. Here are ten free tips to help you become the best poker player possible:

Know The Rules

First, let’s start with the basics. If you are unsure of any rules at all – do NOT play. Your negligence will not just affect you; it will slow down the entire game for the rest of the players. Like any hobby, the best approach is to do research before diving in.

Learn Other Games First

The majority of games found on the Las Vegas strip are a lot alike. Most players would be surprised how much learning the fundamentals of Black Jack correlates to their success in Texas Hold ‘Em. Understanding cards and card games will help everyone at the poker table.

Stay Realistic

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to play. It’s important as a new player to stay realistic. Don’t expect to win big right away. Staying grounded and handling your cards that way will help you in the long run.

Know When To Fold

This relates directly to staying realistic. You know when you have a great hand compared to a good hand. Not folding in time could be the difference between staying in the game and losing all your money.

Know The Odds

You can understand the game and still not have a great grasp on the math. With each card, each hand, comes specific odds. Make sure you know your odds before you play.

Bluff When Needed

Do not bluff just to bluff. This is not a part of your game that you want to showcase. You should only do it when it is absolutely necessary. If you do it too much you’ll either become the boy who cried wolf or the penniless fool.

Don’t Drink And Gamble

This should be obvious. If you are playing with a decent amount of money, you should approach the situation with seriousness. There’s no worse way to lose all your cash than in an inebriated state.

Don’t Out-Kick Your Coverage

By now, you know when you have a winning hand. A common mistake made by players is getting too cocky with the cards you have. If you need to, bluff for as long as possible. But, if there is any question about whether you’ll win the hand – fold.

Don’t Play Opponents More Than Cards

This is another common issue for beginners. At times, poker becomes a mind game between players. But, the most important piece to this game is the cards. Focus on the cards first, the competing players second.

Don’t Overthink

I know, with all these tips, it’s hard to NOT overthink the game of poker. There are many factors and adjustments to make, but remember, this is a very simple card game. Do not make the game harder than it already is.

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