Halloween in Vegas

It’s funny how as you grow up, Halloween shifts from being all about the candy to all about the costumes. Sure, costumes mattered as a kid too, but the ultimate goal was to get the best and most candy you could. Now, it’s about coming up with the most creative, funniest, or sexiest outfit possible. At the same time, it’s hard to truly understand why people genuinely enjoy scaring themselves half to death, but haunted houses remain a staple in American culture. Well, if there is one place in the world that can take a Hallmark holiday and make it a full-blown spectacle, it’s Las Vegas. Here are some of the top Halloween-inspired events going on in Vegas this week.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is one of the best parts about Las Vegas as it is, but when Halloween rolls around, it turns into quite the experience. Starting Thursday, October 26, Fremont Street is hosting one of the best block parties in the United States, and it lasts six nights. For anyone that’s been to Fremont Street, you already know that the street acts can provide interesting entertainment for all, but come Halloween, the nightly entertainment will take a spooky spin, so be prepared to be scared. Also, keep an eye out for the zombie flash mobs that will periodically arise throughout the six-day party.

Fright Dome

Circus Circus does not mess around when it comes to Halloween. The hotel’s Fright Dome is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and what a perfect time to do so, considering Stephen King’s new rendition of “It” was just released a few months ago. This circus full of clowns is nothing to laugh at, as Fright Dome has received award-winning recognition for being one the best haunted houses in America. If you’re one of those weird people that enjoys being scared to the point of peeing your pants, then Circus Circus is the place to be on Halloween.

Haunted Ghost Hunt

Maybe, you are a paranormal fan… or even a skeptic. Either way, now is your chance to experience what it’s like to go on a ghost hunt. Haunted Vegas Tour & Ghost Hunt takes you on a 3-hour exploration of Las Vegas’ haunted buildings and a series of former celebrity hangouts, where musicians like Elvis and Michael Jackson could be waiting to greet you. Oh, and this is the real deal, so be prepared to lug around all the proper ghost hunting equipment if you truly want to witness some paranormal activity.

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